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Our new webshop and collection are NOW live
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Our new webshop and collection are NOW live

The last few months we have been working hard to make sure Leveld gives you the best possible shopping experience. Today is the day we have some exciting news for you!

Our new website & collection are now live

Hooray, the new webshop is NOW live. And to make it even better, you can also discover and shop our new collection. What a wonderful day!

Get ready to level up! 💥

Our casual pieces are great for working out but can easily be combined with accessories to create your own unique city look. It is our mission to give you that confidence to show the world who you are.


Your time is limited, don’t waste it!


Written by

Aline Timmermans
I love to mix and match styles, colors and fabrics to express my mood every day. Combining oversized sweaters with jewelry or crop tops with high heels. I’m a strong believer in body positivity. My dream is to encourage you to go outside with your head held high to chase that dream, whether it is in sports, business, love or life in general.
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