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Meet the founder behind Leveld: Aline Timmermans
Founder of Leveld: Aline Timmermans

Meet the founder behind Leveld: Aline Timmermans

In the past, I often encountered resistance or misunderstanding. Once lost and insecure, I found strength in my clothing, so that’s why I have created Leveld. I want to be the push that enables others to pass on an important message on a larger scale. 

With Leveld, I want to encourage young people to dare to dream, to have ambition, to be self-confident in life, to love themselves, to challenge themselves and in this process also dare to fall down and get up. Sometimes you just have to make a new start. And the first step by doing that is through your outfit. It’s a sense of freedom.

With this message in mind, I started my dream with a small heart.

Chasing dreams

In Belgium and in general, young people and young adults often suppress their ambition.

People are afraid to fail for themselves and their environment. Doing something, in the broad sense of the word, is an action in which many experience feelings of fear. Goals such as chasing dreams and building a great future are often pushed aside. In our country, society still does not sufficiently motivate young people to take action. 


Of course you will face some growing pains, risks and obstacles. But these are part of the game and part of life. You should never be afraid to fail, at least you have tried, and you will always be grateful for that. It is not about winning or losing at all. Even though not everything will turn out the way you planned, you will be so much richer in knowledge, in experience. You will grow, learn and develop yourself as a person like never before.

Leveld Aline Timmermans

With Leveld, I really want to change this feeling of fear into faith, because I too have struggled for a long time with showing who I really am for fear of failing or being criticized by those around me.

With Leveld, I want to give you the self-confidence to show the world who you are. Helping, inspiring and motivating people. I realized that from an early age your clothing style gives an image of who you are as a person. Clothing is a way of self-expression and thanks to the Leveld collection people can radiate authenticity. In this way, I hope to inspire and boost the feeling of belonging to a community.  

Create your own identity

Leveld Aline Timmermans

The Leveld collection can be described as ‘sporty meets streetwise’, with the emphasis on confidence and comfort. Experimenting with different styles and creating your own look is typical for Leveld. It’s all about freedom. Every detail of the new collection has been handpicked by me, from the fabric to the zips. Moreover, all pieces are designed in Belgium. As a strong believer in body positivity, I also made sure that each piece looks good on different body types.

Leveld is so much more than just a clothing brand. The brand stands for self-expression, self-confidence, authenticity, connection and pure power, all thanks to founder Aline Timmermans. 

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Aline Timmermans
I love to mix and match styles, colors and fabrics to express my mood every day. Combining oversized sweaters with jewelry or crop tops with high heels. I’m a strong believer in body positivity. My dream is to encourage you to go outside with your head held high to chase that dream, whether it is in sports, business, love or life in general.
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