The impact of our favorite movies on streetwear fashion

Straight Outta Compton: streetwear fashion

We all love a good movie, and Leveld wouldn’t be Leveld if we didn’t like movies from the street. Although it isn’t a real movie genre, we think it should be! Below is a list of a few of our personal favorites, a top 5 with awesome scenes, quotes and most importantly: outfits.

Meet the founder behind Leveld: Aline Timmermans

Founder of Leveld: Aline Timmermans

In the past, I often encountered resistance or misunderstanding. Once lost and insecure, I found strength in my clothing, so that’s why I have created Leveld. I want to be the push that enables others to pass on an important message on a larger scale.

Vibe with our Spotify playlist

Urban playlist

From now on, you can listen to our very own Spotify list. It’s your favorite playlist including hip hop, rap, old classics and chill music to vibe on anywhere you are. We’ll update the playlist regularly.  Make sure to follow the list and stay up to date with the latest songs.

Drake releases new EP ‘Scary Hours 2′ ft. Rick Ross & Lil Baby


Canadian rapper Drake has recently dropped the Scary Hours 2 EP, as promised. It’s three songs and includes guest spots from Rick Ross and Lil Baby. The new EP follows the first Scary Hours EP in 2018. The two-song release housed “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity.” The second Scary Hours is a bit longer, featuring three tracks […]

Streetwear: what’s it all about?

Streetwear: what's it all about

We are a Belgian streetwear brand, and it is our mission to give you that confidence to show the world who you are! Go outside with your head held high to chase your dreams, whether it is in sports, business, love or life in general. We want to help you! You’ll soon be able to […]

Our new webshop and collection are NOW live

Launch leveld

The last few months we have been working hard to make sure Leveld gives you the best possible shopping experience. Today is the day we have some exciting news for you! Our new website & collection are now live Hooray, the new webshop is NOW live. And to make it even better, you can also […]