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About us


About us

Our story

We are a Belgian streetwear brand for active men and women.

Our casual pieces are great for working out but can easily be combined with accessories to create your own unique city look. It is our mission to give you that confidence to show the world who you are.

“Authenticity is the courage to be yourself
Let’s show that through our style.”

Aline timmermans

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Dare to level up

Unleash the power of creative
expression through your clothing

Have you ever had the nagging feeling that life should be more than this? What if you could get out of bed every morning feeling excited and confident? Unleash the power of creative expression through your clothing. Pick an outfit every morning that reflects who you want to be. There are no dress codes. There are no rules. There are only endless possibilities inside of you, and it is time to bring them out. Dare to level up.

We are all Leveld

Do you worry about what other people think? Don’t let fear hold you back.

Be scared and do it anyway. Great things happen on the other side. Find that one thing that you are passionate about and give it your all. Reinvent yourself. Challenge yourself. Show the world who you are. And we will be here, rooting for you. You will see us in the street. You will recognize us by our outfit. We are all Leveld. Let’s level up together.

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Our clothes

The Leveld collection can be described as ‘sporty meets streetwise’, with an emphasis on confidence and comfort.

Wear our shirts, tracksuits and hoodies to the gym, for doing yoga at home or playing basketball outside. Throw on a pair of tailored jeans and the same shirt can look sophisticated for a classy dinner. Join the men and women who are using Leveld pieces to create their own personal style and live their greatest life.

Who is LeveLD?

Leveld was founded by Belgian entrepreneur Aline Timmermans. Once lost and insecure, she found strength in her clothing.

“You just need to make a new start. And the first step to do that is through your outfit.” I love to mix and match styles, colors and fabrics to express my mood every day. I combine oversized sweaters with jewelry or crop tops with high heels. Every detail of the collection has been handpicked by me, from the fabric to the zippers. As a strong believer in body positivity I absolutely made sure that every piece looks good on different body types.

With Leveld, my dream is to encourage you to go outside with your head held high to chase that dream, whether it is in sports, business, love or life in general.


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